Fiat Expeditions is a mission to serve women who want to break away from their busy lives to grow in their faith through prayer, friendship, adventure, and leisure. Having reconnected with our feminine  hearts, we rejoin our Church, society and our families to bless them with our renewed sense of our call to love and serve with joy and humility as examples of our Patron Saint, Mary.

Does my trip include airfare?

No.  All Fiat Expeditions require attendees to purchase their own airfare.  After the initial deposit is done, Jen DellaCrosse will host a few Zoom meetings to discuss options for the group to time the arrival and departures to accommodate all travelers well.  We will also discuss packing lists too.

Is there insurance for the trip provided?

Travelers may buy insurance for their trip through a provider when the initial deposit is completed.  The cost is in the range of $130 - $200 per person.

What does the cost of the trip cover?

Everything except airfare and insurance, which are separate.  We take care of transportation, tips, food, adult beverages, housing, and the excitement.  Just show up at the airport and we take it from there!

What are our accommodations like?

Accommodations are both single and double occupancy unless otherwise noted.  Depending on the Expedition, we strive to host our trips in places like homes and retreat centers instead of hotels so that we can relax and enjoy our prayer and evenings in a more suitable environment.  

Is there wifi or cell phone service?

When you book a trip with us, generally speaking, wifi will be available unless otherwise noted.  Because of the nature of our expeditions, one should not expect to have or use cell phone service.  Please do not come on our trips if you are going to be working from your cell phone.  The chances of having cell phone service are dependent on each individual carrier and certainly not guaranteed by Fiat Expeditions.  

Will we have time to pray?

Absolutely! The intention here is to ground ourselves in prayer each morning with Mass and morning prayer. We would also love faith discussions in the evening if we aren’t too tired. Confession will be made available, too.

When is my refundable deposit no longer refundable?

March 9th, 2024.  We will let you know as we get close to remind you.